Annual Reports


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Breaking News

We are excited to announce that we’ve been selected as a 2013 Neighborhood Builder by Bank of America. This award provides $200,000 in flexible funding to our organization along with leadership training for Lindsay Meyer, Director of Operations and Bruno LaSpina, CEO enabling us to deepen our work to provide housing and support services to mentally ill and homeless individuals and families. 

As TSLI works to provide our community with needed services, Bank of America’s investment in our organization will enable us to continue performing our vital work. TSLI will put our award toward the Special Employment Program, which provides job training experience to adults with a psychiatric diagnosis, some of whom may also be chemically addicted. Because of this grant, TSLI will double the amount of individuals that participate in the program, as well as expand the support staff. Our goal is to enable participants to feel a sense of purpose, viability and self-actualization.